Govt. lacks accountability and clear direction: UNP


The UNP which questioned the Government’s inconsistent policy towards allowing people to enter the country yesterday alleged that the lack of accountability and clear direction has resulted in the new strain of the COVID-19 virus entering Sri Lanka.

This allegation was made in an official statement issued by the party.

“On December 21 over 40 countries, including France and Germany, closed their borders to the United Kingdom following the outbreak of the new strain of the virus. However, the Sri Lankan Government proceeded with the pre-planned cricket tour by the English team.the touring team has since brought the new strain of the virus into the country through one of their players,” the statement said.

“Medical experts have indicated that this strain of the virus is 70% more infectious, and has seen over 50,000 cases reported on a daily basis in the U.K.THE arrival of the new strain of the virus in the country has also led to Japan imposing a ban on all travelers from Sri Lanka.this will place a great strain on Sri Lanka’s business dealings with Japan,” the statement added. .

The Sri Lankan cricket team has similarly been exempt from quarantine procedures following their return from their tour of South Africa. This is despite the England cricket team having previously cancelled their tour of South Africa due to an increase in the number of COVID-19 cases. Government has also permitted the continued arrival of the Ukrainian tourists despite Ukraine currently undergoing a nationwide lockdown due to an increase in COVID-19 cases,” the party alleged.

“Cabinet Ministers have stated that the airport will be re-opening on January 21, however, there has been no clear plan presented to the public as to who will be allowed to enter the country and what quarantine procedures they will undergo. The Government’s lack of leadership in this matter has resulted in the health and safety of the public being placed at grave risk, UNP further said.


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