COVID-19: Those serve self, home quarantine to be brought under surveillance: Police


The police have put in place a special surveillance programme on the premises that house quarantinees, since it was reported that some who have been ordered to follow mandatory home quarantine process have left those premises without obtaining permission and thereby violating quarantine protocols, police said.

Police Spokesman DIG Ajith Rohana said that a total number of 116,000 persons have been  ordered to undergo self-quarantine process as of today, and 36,000 of them are from the Gampaha District.

He said the police will launch a special operation from today in order to conduct a surveillance on the occupants of the houses to which the quarantine orders have been issued.

“It is an offense, If a person ordered to follow quarantine leaves his house or outsider enter the house. We are going to deploy police officers in plain clothes in order to collect information about the misconduct of the inmates.  Accordingly we will conduct raids and action would be taken against  the person who violates the quarantine regulations especially the self-quarantine or the home quarantine,” he said.

DIG Rohana said if a person was found guilty of the charge the court could impose six months rigorous imprisonment in addition to Rs. 10,000 fine.


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