I recorded conversations to protect dignity of SIS: Former Director, SIS


“After the terror attacks on Easter Sunday, all political and security heads blamed the State Intelligence Service (SIS), and as the then SIS Director, I recorded the conversations which I had with senior officials after the attack, to protect the dignity of the SIS”, former SIS Director SDIG Nilantha Jayawardena yesterday informed the PCoI probing the Easter Sunday attacks.

Mr. Jayawardena made the above statement in response to a question raised during cross-examination by Shamil Perera PC who appeared for Archbishop Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith.

During the testimony, Shamil Perera PC questioned the witness as to as an officer and gentleman, why he recorded conversations he had with his superiors without their permission, after the Easter Sunday terror attacks.

“I didn’t betray any senior official, they started betraying me. They started bringing allegations on the SIS for the Easter Sunday terror attacks, so I had to take precautionary measures to protect my organisation,” SDIG Jayawardena said, responding to the question .

Mr. Jayawardena further added that there was no law to prevent gathering intelligence information and as an organisation the SIS did not have to announce when they were going to obtain information.

Meanwhile, the Presidential Commission probing the Easter Sunday attacks yesterday also directed the Commission’s Secretary to send the mobile phone and the laptop which were used by the SIS Director SDIG Nilantha Jayawardena to the CID for extraction of data relevant to their investigation.

The Commissioners also directed the SDIG in charge of the CID to send a report and the data within two weeks.


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