Catholic Church probably had prior info on bombings: Harin


There was a probability that the Catholic Church also knew about the prior warning which was sent, about the coordinated terror attacks which occurred on April 21, 2019 Easter Sunday, former minister Harin Fernando yesterday informed the PCoI probing the Easter Sunday attacks.

The former minister made the following statement in response to a question raised by the representative from the Attorney General’s (AG) department.

Testifying before the Commission Mr. Fernando said, traditionally the Archbishop conducts a main Easter mass but on April 21, 2019 there was no such mass conducted by him.

“Although, that was the traditional practice of Catholics to participate in a main mass conducted by the Archbishop, on 2019 Easter Sunday there was no such main mass conducted by the Archbishop of Colombo. Later I got to know that there was a Easter Vigil Mass on April 20,” he said.

Mr. Fernando told the Commission that it has to inquire and investigate into the following matter also while inquiring into other matters related to the attacks.


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