Govt. not in a position to obtain two-thirds majority: NPP


While pointing out that the government was not in a position to obtain a two-thirds majority, the National People’s Power (NPP) said today it was responsibility of the people to use their votes to create a balance of power in Parliament because people benefited only when the power enjoyed by rulers was restricted.

NPP candidate Lal Kantha told a news conference that the Rajapaksa government was unable to obtain a two-thirds majority at the 2010 general election held soon after the war victory and when the Rajapaksa popularity was at a pinnacle.

“When considering the Rajapaksa failures during the past eight months, they will be unable to obtain a two-thirds majority in Parliament no matter what tactics they use,” he said.

Mr. Lal Kantha said the salary of public servants have not been increased for a long time and should have been increased when the cost of living had gone up after this government imposed the special commodity levy.

“The salaries of public servants were last increased in January 2016. No salary increments were given thereafter. This is a serious issue. The Gotabaya government has imposed a special commodity levy on 26 essential commodities and it has resulted in the sky-rocketing cost of living. Those who get a fixed salary are the ones who are mostly affected. Their salary has not been increased in line with the increase in the cost of living” he said.

Mr. Lal Kantha said this government has suspended the circular to increase the salary of public servants and urged them to step out and oppose this move.

He said the government had even suspended the allowance paid to nursing students for the past three months.


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