Not even a peon in my ministry like fmr. Dy. Min: SF


While claiming that not even a peon in his ministry acts like former Wildlife Deputy Minister Palitha Thewarapperuma, Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka said that the former deputy minister might have been shot dead by a wildlife officer, if the Prime Minister did not take the wise decision to remove him from the ministry.

While criticizing the recent tactics of MP Thewarapperuma, Field Marshal Fonseka told the media that a minister should work within a particular code of conduct but Thewarapperuma has acted in a way that disgraced the post he held, adding that a ministry was not a mental hospital.

“MP Thewarapperuma used vehicles belonging to the ministry for his personal use and one MSD vehicle was used for his field work with a siren added to it. The modification was spotted after he returned the vehicle to the Ministry,” he said.

Therefore, Field Marshal Fonseka said it was an absolute must to avoid giving nominations to these type of persons. “He is fit to be a labourer in a ministry rather than a minister as he always tries to do things by taking off his shirt,” he said.


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