GCE A/L results – Don’t couple national and int’l schools: Bandula


UPFA MP Bandula Gunawardana yesterday criticized the government for publishing the GCE A/L examination results of national and international school students together.

He said the move was not only illegal but unfair because national schools study using taxpayers money.

“According to the recent A/L results, the first in the Island in the Arts stream was from an international school. This has never happened before. Coupling results of both national and international school exams together is unacceptable. There are no provision to do that,” the MP told a news briefing.

He said the results of only government and semi-government schools should be released together.

“Coupling exam results of government and international schools and selecting a student from an international school as topping the list may give the notion that one needs to send their kids to international schools for better results,” the MP said.

He said anyone, regardless of the school they attend has the right to sit any exam but however, only students of national schools should be considered when selecting the Island’s first, second and third.


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